"If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves" :Thomas Eddison




   ENQUIRY                 HUNTER

 Catch the Wave


was the last mountain Glen climbed, back in 2005 he climbed Snowden in a force 9 storm, the rain was hard and the weather conditions were bad, each step seemed to get harder and harder, it wasn’t until he got to the top that he realized why. having a full rucksack had his sleeping bag tucked in the bottom, the wetter he got the more his sleeping bag collected the water, getting heavier and heavier. by the time he got down the mountain noticed that he had pulled every single muscle in both his legs pushing his self so hard to reach the top.

The mistake he made was he then drove all the way home to Essex immediately because he was in so much pain. the following morning he had a blood clot on his leg that grew into a blood clot the size of a cricket ball that had landed on his lung.

Glen was rushed to hospital and almost died. he spent the next few months in hospital trying to recover his blood circulation using anti coagulant warfarine. this incapacitated him for the following two years rebuilding and recovering. being unable to go out to work he decided to study for an MBA Degree in Business Studies via the Open University. halfway into this Degree he found that the course content was focused on old business practices, he wanted the new stuff, how to make a living online. there wasn’t many courses that could teach this at this time so he ventured out into the internet ocean to discover them for himself.  During this time he buried himself in Internet Marketing determined to be able to earn a living from home using his computer.  he research, studied, and hunted for the skills and knowledge needed to find success online.

Guess what —–> “He Found Them!

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